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This site aims to provide help, user guides, and and other forms of documentation for the XChat IRC client. XChat is a graphical client available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX in several variations, but can also be compiled as command line application if desired.

Want to help out? is a wiki, so multiple people can modify the content on the site. However due to maintenance issues and the abundance of spammers in the world, registration is a closed process. If you would like to be able to contribute to this site, see LifeIsPain on #xchat @ FreeNode.


22 June 2013: He does exist! Site moved to new host, have SSL version of site if you are into that. Updated Browser page to reflect how to change default browser on GNOME 3.

17 June: Made a page explaining XChat and Notice Placement

21 April: Yvonne changed her domain, so went through and replaced a bunch of links. Formerly, I've been adding perl snippets and a few faq entries, they just didn't seem news worthy.

12 March: Went through and added quite a few Perl Snippets, I should probably remember to add these when I write them in channel...

26 February: New example page on how to run commands that take longer to execute without blocking XChat's normal execution: Non-Blocking Execution in Perl

13 November: I wrote up a section on how Debugging Perl Scripts over a week ago, but didn't link it here because I was going to add some more. I didn't really add much more, but it is enough information for now, and it should be in the news.

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