Build Lineup

These Windows builds of XChat are grouped into recent activity, and listed by the builder's name or organization. Unless otherwise specified, these builds are free (available at no cost, built with code licensed under the GPL), unofficial, and have plugin capability. Included scripting language and other plugins are listed. Plugins are compatible with any build.

In XChat 2.8.6, builds other than the official build will appear as YChat (unless otherwise changed).
In XChat 2.8.8, builds other than the official build will appear as XChat-Unofficial.

If you know of or are participating in a build not listed, please let us know at #xchat @ freenode

Active builds

feature\build Zed (official) XChat-WDK
Latest 2.8.9 1508-3 (SVN)
Release Date 2010-08-28 2012-06-17
GTK static included dynamic/WDK
Scripting Perl, Python, Tcl Lua, Perl, Python, Tcl
Plugins Exec, DNS Checksum, DNS, Do At, Exec, FiSHLiM, mpcInfo, Update

Checker, Winamp, WinSys, WMPA, X-SASL, X-Tray

License $20 w/ 30 day trial Free GPL
Other SSL, DCC64, DCC server, spelling,

emoticons, faster text rendering, and more...

SSL, DCC64, spelling, IPv6, XChat Theme Manager,

XChat-Text, portable mode, 32 and 64 bit builds

Discontinued builds

feature\build SilvereX zerostress Pu7o 64-bit Sergio Daemon404 Psyon
latest 2.8.6-2 2.8.6 2.8.6 2.6.8-3s 2.6.2 2.4.1
Release Date 2009-03-08 2008-12-03 2008-10-28 2006-12-11 2006-03-30 2004-12-??
GTK included dynamic dynamic dynamic static static dynamic
scripting Perl, Tcl, Ruby - Perl, Python, Tcl Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby -
plugins Exec, DNS, Winamp, X-Tray - DNS DNS, Winamp, X-Tray Exec, DNS, Uptime, Winamp, X-Tray -
License Free GPL Free GPL Free GPL Free GPL Free GPL Free GPL
other SSL, IPv6 - Only works on win-64 SSL SSL, DCC64, DCC server -

Information for Windows Builds

"Dynamic GTK"
means that GTK libraries are separate from XChat. Dynamic GTK can be shared: installed separately and used by applications other than XChat; or included with XChat: able to be updated separately from the main program and shielded from changes in any shared GTK or other application.
Dynamic builds may handle Right to Left fonts better than Static builds with a bit different font handling.
"Static GTK"
means that no separate installation is required.
The interface has a more-native appearance and feel more responsive than with dynamic GTK.
Static builds do not suffer from some of the visual bugs present in other builds.

Support for "DCC64" means that DCC transfers can be used for large (multiple gigs) files. Support for a "DCC server" means that other clients can be allowed to request and automatically download files of your choosing (usually accessed through the /dccserver command).

Obsidian2 fserve (DCC file server), a Perl script, is available from ender`.

SilvereX uses X-Tray in the system tray because of a crash in XChat's built in handling of the tray. In XChat-WDK X-Tray is an option during install, but built in plugin-tray is also usable.

For technical guides, try SilvereX's "Hackers Guide" to compiling XChat, or bviktor's How-to for building XChat using the XChat-WDK patchset

Older technical guides were REALLY old and a bit out of date. They were burned in a fire based on comments by one of the authors.

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