While the official version of XChat for Windows is shareware, it is legal for anyone to compile XChat on their own for personal use, or for others. There are not many of these unofficial builds that are active. In all cases, normally it will be a while before a build is updated to the latest release after a new XChat release. For 2.8.6, these builds appeared to be running as YChat.

  • XChat-WDK - The current most up to date build. Based off of the SVN code, so newer than 2.8.8. Updated quite regularly.
  • SilvereX (homepage) - Previously the most common unofficial build, and periodically updated. This build uses a static GTK setup. Currently updated to 2.8.6.
  • Pu7o's x64 - Also at 2.8.6, Pu7o's version was compiled on and expects a 64 bit windows environment.
  • zerostress - Updated to 2.8.6, uses a dynamic build of GTK now

There are several other builds available, however they have not been updated to 2.8.6. For a comparison of the different XChat builds, see the Build Lineup

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Page last modified on May 04, 2012, at 05:30 PM